I am thrilled to announce that we can finally hold an IDTC meeting!

Ulli Kasselman has generously offered to host us at HOF KASSELMANN, Hagen, Germany.

All the details are below. This meeting will be held together with the International Dressage Riders Club,

So it is a great chance for everyone to get together at last.

Please tell me your intention to attend and make your booking quickly to help us plan optimally.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. Looking forward to seeing everyone at Hof

Kasselmann in October.

MEETING THEME: Horse Welfare and what it means to YOU

Topics will include:

Horse Sport and the IOC- a View from the Inside- Octavian Morariu member of the IOC

Training for Longevity- Practical Demonstration and Discussion lead by Klaus Balkenhol

Reflections on 50 years of Breeding. Demonstration and discussion Ulli Kasselmann

Judge Education and Governance – David Hunt

Technologically Assisted Judging- The Route to Transparency and Accuracy

Riders and Trainers in the Hot Seat with Spectator Judging–Live

DATE            starts  Monday October 17 at 1300 hrs

                      finishes   Tuesday, October 18 at 1500 hrs


                        Please make your hotel reservations at the below:

Hotel Rittergut Osthoff GmbH
Rittergut Osthoff 3a
49124 Georgsmarienhütte
Telephone: +49 5401 88 08 90

COST       This meeting is FREE for members who have paid their 2023 IDTC dues. 99 Euros.

The cost for partners/ guests is 120Euros.

The 2023 dues can be paid by PayPal or credit card by phone.
To pay by PayPal email me and I will send you a PayPal payment request-lk@layhamhall.com
To pay by Bank transfer, please email oldfieldt@layhamhall.com for bank details.